34th annual Upper rogue Artist Critique featured awards for local artisans

Top left: Winner professional oils Little Girl with Flower; below left Sheri Dinardi, Right: best of show.
Top left: Winner professional oils Little Girl with Flower; below left Sheri Dinardi, Right: best of show.

Judge Roni Marsh of Medford was quick to spot the winning entry at the 34th Annual Upper Rogue Artist Critique Luncheon held at the Red Lion in Medford Apr. 2.  The winning entry was one of two professional oils entered by Sheri Dinardi.  Her second entry was chosen by Marsh as first place in professional oils
Sheryl Swift and Marilyn Gregory were awarded second and third places respectively in the same category.  Original oils submitted by Jolene Gibson took both first and second places in the division and Charity Hubbard earned a third place in the same category.

Altogether, 64 paintings and other works were entered in the show. 
While there were a lot of familiar faces, there were also newcomers to
the event.  And some younger students like 12-year-old Lauren Becker
who took a first and third place in student ink/pencil.  Nate
Consiglio, also a young art student, took second in the category behind
Cathy Spires took top honors in professional
ink/pencil, while Upper Rogue Artist’s President Garland Arnaud earned
both the second and third place finishes in that category.  Joann
Pearce and June Shepard both earned first place ribbons in Original
work and Classroom/copied groupings in ink/pencil.
lesser numbers of entries in the Acrylic category, there were some
excellent works by B. J. Mathis, Dave Nelson and Edna Hanscom.  Some
artists shared interesting stories about inspiration for their work,
and second place finisher Nelson had a hair-raising story about an
encounter with a grizzly bear in Alaska that led to his work titled
Ruth Schubert, Sue Eakin and Kathy Spires took the
top three ribbons in Professional Watercolors.  Lynn Hall, Margo
Garnett and Pat Bennet were the top winners in the Original work
subdivision of the Watercolor category. 
Upper Rogue
Artist Sandy Cathcart bested the field with her "Unfinished Lion."
inspired by a trip to Italy where she explored the works of very famous
sculptors.  Sheryl Swift and Marilyn Gregory were second and third in
the category.  In the Original Work subcategory, Debbie Twa, Bob
Faulkner and Janet Rawlings earned the three top ribbons.  Faulkner
also served as the show organizer.  Faulkner got a great deal of help
from Alice Berger and Phyllis Lovett, organizing the event
the Mixed Media Category, Ruth Schubert was the lone first place winner
in the professional division.  Tony Antonides and Dixie Kinzer took
second and third in the same division.  In mixed media, original work,
Lynn Hall took a second place.
In the computer art category,
Valerie Coulman took a first place ribbon with her Lady Bug Picnic, an
illustration she is using in one of the children’s books she writes. 
Cece Remz and Dana Borges earned second and third places in the same
original work division. 
Over the years, the competition
has helped to improve the overall quality of work within the Rogue
Valley.  Many who began just a short time ago have consistently
improved the quality of their work and have become top competitors not
just in local competitions, but throughout the area, and in numerous
places in the United States.  Artists benefit from the encouragement
and helpful hints from judges.  They also work together and offer
advice to each other and seem also to be each others’ most enthusiastic
fan club. The result is that there is a great body of art work within
the area that everyone gets to enjoy.
By Ralph Mckechnie
for the Independent

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