Deadline for 3,000 Oregon Health Plan applicants to reply is April 10

If you are one of the 3,000 Oregonians who received an application for the Oregon Health Plan’s Standard benefit package in March, you have until April 10 to return it if you want to be considered for eligibility.
The Oregon Department of Human Services sent postcards to recipients of the applications reminding them of the 30-day deadline and encouraging them to return applications even if some of the required documentation wasn’t yet available.

"Nearly 1,300 applications have been returned," said Lynn Read, senior
deputy administrator in the state Medicaid office of the Oregon
Department of Human Services. "We will accept applications even if they
are temporarily missing required documentation for such things as
income or citizenship so long as the applicant is making a good-faith
effort to obtain it."
The reminder from DHS comes as the
agency prepares to send applications Monday to a second group of 3,000
people whose names a computer randomly selected from the 88,000-plus
names remaining on the reservation list. The April mailing will bring
to 6,000 the number of applications that have been mailed for the
Standard benefit package, designed for uninsured low-income adults who
do not qualify for traditional Medicaid.
People who are
randomly selected from the reservation list are sent a special
OHP-Standard application that includes their reservation number. Read
said anyone who had lost his or her OHP-Standard application may
request a new one from any DHS office or Area Agency on Aging office or
by calling 1-800-359-9517.  People should say they lost the
OHP-Standard application that was mailed to them to ensure they are
given a correct replacement. People who apply on any other application
will not be enrolled in OHP-Standard.
She said assistance in
completing the applications is available at any DHS office or Area
Agency on Aging office or by calling 1-800-699-9075 (or, for people
with hearing impairments, call 1-503-378-7800). If there is not time to
mail the application back to Salem, it may be returned to a local DHS
or AAA office by the April 10 deadline.
Read said people
whose names are on the OHP-Standard reservation list should call
1-800-699-9075 if their mailing address changes.
The health
plan’s Plus program, meanwhile, is always open to uninsured low-income
Oregonians who are aged, blind, disabled, pregnant, younger than 19 or
receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits. An
application may be requested by calling 1-800-359-9517 weekdays between
8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Pacific time. Although the Standard plan has been in
the news in recent weeks, Read said, tens of thousands of low-income
Oregonians — including an estimated 60,000 children — are eligible
for the Plus benefit package.
For any Oregon Health Plan
medical program, the state has up to 45 days from the date the
application is mailed to DHS to notify applicants whether they are
eligible for coverage, a period that can be extended under certain
circumstances, although applicants often are notified in as little as
two weeks.

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