Eagle Point FFA wins state Floriculture Contest

EPHS Floriculture Team
EPHS Floriculture Team

April 12, the Eagle Point FFA took a short journey to Phoenix High School for the 2008 State Floriculture CDE (career development event).  Hopes were high following the teams win at the district level a month ago and they were not disappointed.  The team of Sarah Heath, Hannah Strong, Sherilyn McGauhey, and Kayela Zimmerman performed very well, bringing another State Championship to Eagle Point. Kayela finished as fourth high overall individual (out of a field of 100+) and Sara Heath was second.

Advisor Keith Frost said, "I’m very proud of the self-less nature of
this team.  The girls’ victory came largely from their ability to work
as a team."  This idea was proven in the results.  Eagle Point FFA
scored 20 points higher than second place in the team activity.

Floriculture Career Development Event is one of the more complicated
contests run as part of the intra-curricular component of the FFA. 
Team members have been studying hard for the general knowledge and
problem solving exams that are part of the event.  In addition to the
academic portions of the contest, students also compete in practicum’s
that pose real world challenges in areas like: plant propagation, tool
and plant identification, pest and nutritional disorder diagnosis,
computer usage, customer relations, media selling, floral arranging and
construction of ‘dish gardens’. Horticulture instructor and team coach,
Curtis North summed it up well, "This is a very challenging contest
that would be impossible to prepare for without the support of our
community members and business persons including Mrs. Diane Morris,
Kathy Lopez of Heaven Scent Flowers, as well as Biology Botany
instructor McKael Ziegler.  I can not thank them enough."

state-level victory is the first for Eagle Point FFA in 5 years and
provides EP FFA the opportunity to represent the State of Oregon at the
National Contest in Indianapolis, Indiana in October.  Floriculture
team members are currently working on ways of fundraising the nearly
$4000 that it will take to fund the trip.   The first such opportunity
for raising money was at the Grand Opening of the White City Grange
Co-Op on Saturday the 19th.

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