Eagle Point resident honored as CPR training saves man's life

L to r: EMT Lisa Mendenhall, daughter Brianna Millard, Lori Millard, Jack Spencer and Fire Captain Erin Elder.
L to r: EMT Lisa Mendenhall, daughter Brianna Millard, Lori Millard, Jack Spencer and Fire Captain Erin Elder.

When Eagle Point resident Lori Millard took a CPR course at her workplace, she thought she would never use what she had learned. But those lessons paid off when her husband’s best friend collapsed in her driveway and she saved his life. On May 20, a tearful Millard received a "Good Samaritan Award" from her First Aid and CPR Instructor, EMT Lisa Mendenhall, and Fire Captain Erin Elder of Fire District 4. Millard was presented the award at the 4R Ranch in Eagle Point where she is employed as a housekeeper.

After work on April 24, Millard, her husband Wayne and good friend Jack
Spencer were talking. Spencer was leaning against the Millard’s truck
when he suddenly fell to the ground, hitting his head hard on the
Millard said it took a few seconds for
everything to register. And then while her husband ran to call 9-1-1,
she determined Spencer needed CPR. Twice, she administered two breaths
and 30 compressions, the way she was taught in class. By the end of the
second round, Spencer began breathing on his own and speaking, although
what he said did not make sense. Millard said, "It just happened and
you don’t think. You just remember what to do."
Millard’s husband called 9-1-1, he stayed on the phone with the
dispatcher who asked questions and gave instructions.  He relayed
information back and forth.
Meanwhile at Fire District 4,
Mendenhall and Elder were on duty when the call came in. The response
code for CPR in progress is "Edward." As they raced to the scene, the
two firefighters discussed how they rarely get code "Edward." They only
had an address and did not know the heroine would be one of
Mendenhall’s students. Millard said," It was such a relief to see Lisa
get out of the fire truck."
Spencer was not aware of
anything until he woke up in the emergency room of Providence Hospital
with the Millards by his side. He knows how fortunate he is to be
alive. His only regret is that he missed the action.
grateful Spencer said, "Millard is one of my kids. How do you tell
someone you already love, thank you?" And Spencer’s daughter, Jaci
Coffman, said her dad would not be here if it wasn’t for Millard.
Spencer, incidentally, is doing fine after five surgeries since his
When 4R Ranch Manager, Dennis Botefur, took over
operations at the ranch two and a half years ago, he ordered first aid
and CPR classes for the employees. Botefur was in public safety for 20
years and knew that ranch work is dangerous with horses, tractors and
other equipment. He said, "The classes paid off, big-time." Millard
added that she is glad she took those classes.
also teaches lifesaving skills at Providence for hospital employees. At
the luncheon and award ceremony, Virginia Fleeger, Training Center
Coordinator at Providence Medical Center said, "This is what it’s all
about. We teach classes in hopes that something like this will happen."
Both Mendenhall and Fleeger stressed the importance of first aid and
CPR classes for the public. They urge people to take the courses
whether it is through a fire department, hospital or any other source.
Mendenhall may be reached at 878-2666.
By Margaret Bradburn
Of the Independent

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