EP Budget consider seconomy; doesn't include commercial growth in budget.

The City of Eagle Point budget reflects the slow down in the building industry by planning on just 50 new building units for the 2008-09 fiscal year as opposed to the current year of 60 and the several years previous when there were a couple of hundred annually. The budget also holds revenue at the same level as the current year. Because the county could not provide figures, even estimates, on potential tax revenue for the city  from Wal-Mart and all the other new commercial development, those dollars that will be forthcoming in November are not included in this budget.

The General Fund budget is reduced by approximately $650,000.
Some of the highlights of the budget follow:

  • Little Butte Room at Harnish Wayside- Stream monitoring device showing
    real time water temperatures, turbidity and quality will be installed.
    The Medford Water Commission is participating in this funding as well.


  • Chamberlain Park- Will get a new sign and a children’s sandbox with the sand cats do not like.


  • Mattie Brown Park- Parking will be improved and work will be done on a pathway near the creek.


  • Ashpole
    Community Center- The city will study the possible expansion of the
    city staff into Ashpole and consider a new location for the Ashpole
    Center. Part of the study will also look at the city property on Loto
    where public works was located and on Main St. where the fire
    department was housed.


  • Plan to re-do intersection at Main and Royal.


  • Asphalt path on So. Shasta is in the budget


  • Painting the covered bridge, sprucing up the old bridge, paining the Judge Stewart House are all in the budget.


  • Sidewalk section from Royal to Buchanan, part of an Local Improvement District (LID).


  • Budget includes city taking over the museum and increasing hours that it will be open with some paid staff.


  • One additional police officer and two new patrol cars. When state
    leases expire on vehicles, the city is purchasing their police
    vehicles. State leasing program has become very expensive.


  • Old federal reservoir will be reconstructed, adding 4 million gallons of water storage.

city continues to budget for long-term needs such as heavy equipment so
that when those needs arise the long-term plan is to have funds
available to pay for them.
The city has a copy of the budget
available for anyone wishing to look at it during office hours. Or for
information, call City Administrator Dave Hussell at 826-4212 Ext. 107
or Finance Director Melissa Owens at 826-4212 Ext. 104.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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