Display of patriotism at White City library

Patriotism abounds
Patriotism abounds

By F. C. Blake

Of the Independent

Lisa Ramos‑Vance became director of White City’s Library last October, she
expressed a wish for more Friends of the Library (F.O.L.) volunteers. With
library budgets constricting hours of operation and staffing, she values those
precious gems who enjoy giving back to their community.

In January, Alex Ganoe resumed assisting the
understaffed branch’s needs. Each Tuesday, Ganoe comes in to pull, shelve, or
cover books with protective clear plastic. In February, when the F. O. L. restarted, Ganoe quickly
joined them. "I noticed bare spots on walls, and asked to be on the bulletin
board committee," she said.


wife of a Navy Vietnam War Veteran, and the daughter of a WWII anti‑aircraft artilleryman, Ganoe viewed the patriotic
holidays of May. "I wanted to honor all the branches of our armed forces," she
said. "May commemorates V‑E Day," (America’s WW II victory in Europe); Armed Forces Day (third
Saturday); and Memorial Day."  The first
holiday celebrates a triumph; the last honors fallen vets; but Armed Forces Day
salutes our troops still in service.

                For the
entire month, attractively displayed documents lining shelves will greet White
City library visitors. These detail the painstaking research Ganoe undertook to
complete the historical tribute. High above along the back windows hang seven
flags representing America’s military branches, and the POW/MIA’s. She credits
VFW Post 1833 in Medford for their kindness in lending the library the banners.
A company called Color Tek Painting offered its resources to install each flag
near the vaulted ceiling.

                In the
children’s reading section, Ganoe’s team erected a poster sporting fifty white
stars on an azure background. Each star bears the ordinal number, state name,
and date of admission to the Union. This visual aid benefits parents as well as

said of her reaction to the decorative array, "I love it. I notice the veterans
stop and read it. I think they really appreciate it."

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