4-H'er learns about the power of love

A Chain of Love.  L. to r: Austin Marlia, Wade McCready, Cameron Deupree, Kevin Leonardo, Michael Eary, Jordan Marlia and Bud Schenk (young man in the middle)
A Chain of Love. L. to r: Austin Marlia, Wade McCready, Cameron Deupree, Kevin Leonardo, Michael Eary, Jordan Marlia and Bud Schenk (young man in the middle)

So often these days we hear stories in the news or read in the newspaper of teenagers getting into trouble or not being positive role models. This story is just the opposite.
The Spring Lamb Fair was recently held at the Jackson County Fairgrounds. Bud Schenk, a first year member of the Brownsboro Sheep Club in Eagle Point, was excited to show his market lamb. He had practiced hard preparing for the fair with his lamb he named Sharky. Like so many preparing to do their best at fair, Bud loved Sharky.

Unfortunately, when Bud arrived at the fairgrounds Saturday morning he 
discovered  Sharky had developed a bladder infection. The vet at the
fairgrounds determined that Bud would not be able to show his lamb and
that Sharky would have to be removed from the fairgrounds and put down.
Bud and his family were heartbroken. At the same time, members of the
Brownsboro Sheep Club and the Eagle Point FFA shared in their heartache.
Saturday night, Eagle Point FFA members, Kevin Leonardo and Michael
Eary were discussing what they could do for Bud. They decided that they
would approach all the members of their FFA Chapter to see if everyone
would kick in $20 of the money they would receive from their lamb
project. Everyone in the Eagle Point  FFA Chapter agreed without
hesitation. Then, the members of  Brownsboro Sheep Club decided to
match the offer made by teenage members of the FFA Chapter. FFA
leaders, Keith Frost and Curtis North said they also wanted to
participate. Before you knew it, both clubs had raised $500 to give to
Bud to help pay for the cost of his lamb and feed.
Prior to
the lamb sale, Keith Frost called his senior FFA members and Bud into
the show ring. Bud had no idea what was going on. Frost told the crowd
the story of Bud and Sharky. He told Bud that these teenagers cared
about him and that they wanted his first year lamb project to end on a
positive note. Frost told Bud that both clubs had raised $500. Bud
stood there not knowing what to say or think.
Needless to
say, it was a heart wrenching moment for Bud and his family and the
members and parents of both clubs. There wasn’t a dry eye to be found.
Bud and his family want to thank the following for making a sad day a much brighter one.
thanks are sent to: Eagle Point FFA Advisors Keith Frost and Curtis
North; FFA members Kevin Leonardo, Michael Eary, Jordan Marlia, Cameron
Deupree, Renee Mosier, Brenden Kelley, Matt Rhode, Catherine Gilbreth,
Austin Marlia, Wade McCready, Jordan Henderson, Mason Wolf, Kristin
Wyatt, Alex Bates. Thanks also to Brownsboro Sheep Club members:
Leader, Cindy Leonardo, Katie Deupree, Katelynn Marlia, Kenzie
Bradshaw, Kayla Artman, Nate Leonardo, Ellie May Rhode and Leandra
Next time you hear someone saying how bad our youth
of today are, give them this story and show them the value of  FFA and
4H programs.
(Editor’s note- This story was submitted by Vince Marlia.)

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