D9 nurse Dawn Wille takes job on Navajo reservation

District 9 board members were surprised by the announcement from Dawn Wille, school nurse, that she was resigning from her dual role as a Community Health Center-District 9 nurse.
Wille is going to fulfill a long-time desire to return to the area where she grew up and be able to help those who need the service of a nurse.

She will be going to the Navajo Reservation between Gallup and
Farmington, N.M to a town called Crown Point where she will be able to
focus on caring for children. Wille’s step-mother and foster sister are
both Navajo and she has a deep feeling for the culture.
and her husband will maintain their Eagle Point residence. Her last day
will be July 15. She expects to begin work in New Mexico by Aug. 1.
announcement brought great praise for the work she has done with the
district. The board and community gave her a standing ovation.
audience comments, former board member Doug McKinley told the board
they were in violation of their own policy by allowing a vote in a work
Board member Theresa Erickson said they needed to
revise the policy. Board Chair Jonathan Bilden said he had talked to
the Secretary of State and was told that a consensus is considered a
Also addressing the board was former board member Fred
Thomas. He had concerns over a master administrative contract which was
on the agenda for approval. He said by automatically giving a three
percent raise each of three years, the district could once again find
it is either underpaying or overpaying its administrators.
Career Pathways Exploration Committee (CPEC) gave a report that
expanded some on a report previously given to the board on a program
that they expect to begin at the high school if all their planning and
visitations continue in a positive manner.
Joy Reich was
recognized as one of the district’s partners for her work at the
Cascade Community Pool. Holley Kerr received recognition as a
Connections student.
The administrative contract was
approved. According to Human Resource Director Mike Remick, the current
contract calls for a seven percent raise per year for administrators.
The formula approved is for three percent per year for three years.
member Scott Grissom said he gets frustrated when this kind of
information is given the same time they are asked to make a decision.
He said he would like the data a month ahead. Board member Spencer
Davenport said he wanted the decision postponed until the end of the
month. Erickson said she thought it was good that the administration
took the opportunity to look at the seven percent increase. "We have
leadership money can’t buy" noted Erickson.
After the decision, the board unanimously support the three percent recommendation.
board will meet in executive session Wednesday at 6 p.m. to continue
discussion regarding the litigation regarding the junior high school
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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