Eagle Point Council to decide design and material for Main/Royal

A preliminary report on a study of Eagle Point transportation, stormwater and water SDC charges as well as transportation and stormwater rate study was given last week by John Ghilarducci of FCS Group to the city council during a work session.
FCS was hired to analyze and update needs and to offer the council suggestions and recommendations for updating the charges and rates.

SDC (System Development Charges) are one-time charges for capital
improvements only. Rates should generate revenues to sustain the
utility systems, charge for services provided and recover costs in an
equitable manner while achieving the city’s objectives.
Ghilarducci will probably present suggested SDC charges as well as rates in early August for consideration by the city council.
Higday, who has been an employee of Hardey Engineering for 20 years,
introduced himself not as an employee, but as the new owner of Hardey
Engineering. He explained that John Hardey is still with the firm but
spending most of his time in planning.
Higday presented a
current project list involving Hardey Engineering and the City of Eagle
Point. He gave the council good news when he said rates have been cut
from 3.1 percent to 2.9 percent.
The intersection at Main
and Royal was discussed. The council needs to make two decisions
regarding changes in that intersection. Plans call for it to be similar
to the Loto-Royal intersection. Higday asked the council to decide on
the surface. Asphalt is about $30,000 less than concrete, but concrete
has a much longer life. And, secondly, the council was asked to
consider the use of "bump-outs" at each corner.  These decisions will
affect future changes in the downtown area.
Construction was the low bidder ($99,899.50) to improve No. Shasta from
Main St. to Little Butte Market. The school district is participating
by funding the sidewalks and a portion of the parking area.
was given for Construction Engineering Consultants (CEC) to complete
the estimate and specifications that could allow a bid to be placed for
the skateboard park. This is part of the $30,000 park SDC fund budgeted
for skatepark improvements.
The council approved on a 5-1
vote (Rick Tree voted no and Wyn Lewis was absent) the purchase and
installation of a computer information center for the Little Butte
Creek Room at Harnish Park. This computer will speak to the value of
the creek to fish and animals and to the creek’s role in area drinking
water. In addition. There will be information on the Little Butte
Watershed as well as real-time data in gauges on the wall as well as
through the computer on water level, quality, temperature and turbidity.
Chief Dave Strand announced that Detective Jim Gray has been promoted
to the rank of Sergeant. To obtain this rank requires a number of
things including advanced certification from DSPT; time spent  as an
officer, education and job performance. Strand said having a bachelors
or masters degree alone would not qualify one to be a Sergeant in the
Eagle Point police force.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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