Letters to the Editor

Real slippery slope
To the Editor:
You can blame all the clowns in Congress who have caved in to the "Hate America" environmental crowd for the outrageous gas prices.
In spite of demonstrable technology which protects the environment, they succeed in blocking, particularly with the aid of the Democrat party, all efforts to lower our dependence on foreign oil.

The Clinton administration blocked any drilling in Anwar.   Governor
Taxandgougeski, with the aid of his Stalinist Democrat controlled
legislature, has blocked any possibility of drilling offshore.   And,
he has contributed to higher food prices for many third world countries
as well as the U.S. by mandating ethanol, an inefficient fuel, to be a
10% additive to our present fuel.  By the way, lower gas mileage
results with ethanol, making the real price of gas even higher
could continue, but the foregoing is your slippery slope.  These folks
are determined to turn the U.S. into a third world country,  And you
folks out there who don’t pay attention are contributing to the process.

Richard Gyuro
Sams Valley

Thank You
To the Editor:
Jim Gray I would like you to know the heart felt gratitude I have for
your dedication to a resident that has been victimized.  For the kind
and gentle treatment I received from you.
I am the Eagle
Point victim of the recent financial scam that has been in the papers,
and a proud resident of the city that has such a dedicated detective in
the police department.
I can’t thank Detective Jim Gray
enough for the way he handled my case.  From the day I presented it to
him, I knew I didn’t need to worry if it would receive the time and
effort I felt it needed.  The tremendous amount of time he devoted to
it was astounding.  He was in constant contact with me regardless of
whether progress had been made or not.  I also knew Michael Frazier did
not have the odds in his favor with Detective Gray on the case.

Duanita Garvis
Eagle Point
Family treasure stolen
To the Editor:
the person or persons who stole our son’s Yamaha guitar June 11 out of
his truck on our property on Ridgeview Drive, in Eagle Point, please
return it immediately.
The police have been notified and given the necessary information to locate it.
guitar has been in our family for years and we want it back. You had no
business taking something off of someone else’s property that does not
belong to you and this guitar does not belong to you.
If anyone has any information about this theft, we ask that you contact us at 778-1143 immediately.
Amy Madtson
Eagle Point

Take small chance
To the  Editor:
it amazing how, with the price of gas now over $4.00 per gallon, you
don’t see anyone picketing the local gas stations or marching in the
streets?  So what if all that extra gas money is only buying more
gold-plated commodes for Saudi sheiks, or further enriching oil CEOs
and speculators?  Oregonians dutifully pay up without even a whimper of
But when a handful of our neighbors put
themselves in the line of fire to finally provide the kind of basic
water service virtually every other American city takes for granted —
the kind of the service the City of Shady Cove itself would be
providing if it weren’t such a dismal failure — the crowds turn out in
force to give them grief and blow-back. 
C’mon, people. 
We’re talking about investing less than the price of a gallon and a
half of gasoline in our own futures.  In exchange, there seems like
good odds that Shady Cove homeowners will one day enjoy the benefits of
a dependable water supply … and more important, the increase in
property values that’ll bring.  But that can only happen if the water
district managers don’t have to perpetually spend their time and energy
fending off challenges and attacks. 
Isn’t the tradition
of neighbors working together the American way?  What would be so
all-fired awful about taking this small chance and letting these folks
prove themselves? 

Phil White
Shady Cove

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