Letters to the Editor

SC spend wisely
To the Editor:
Why is the City of Shady Cove spending $75,000 towards a skateboard park? Who will own the skateboard park?  If the city owns it or it is on city property, the city could very well end up with more lawsuits. Has anyone thought that if kids are injured at the skateboard park there might be more lawsuits? Shady Cove is a poor city. I think local government should take care of the legal problems they already have and not ask for more.

The police are busy and a skateboard park would mean more patrolling. I
read about a skateboard park in Medford that is full of trash and used
condoms. Does the city have enough employees to pick up the garbage?
Some towns have had to hire someone just to keep skateboard parks clean.
have been in Shady Cove for a big part of my life and I know that kids
need something to do. I still think there are more and better things we
can do for kids than a skateboard park. Please use the $75,000 more
wisely. Shady Cove has enough problems.
Lou Burnham
Shady Cove

For shame
To the Editor:
Shady Cove being only town to turn down proposed museum tax. Your
letter, Mert and Erlene Thomson, was like a stab thrust and twist.
moved to this area to retire. I feel that even retired you should help
your community. Helping the Upper Rogue Museum save our history has
been one of my volunteer choices. Museums are as important as libraries.
Shame on you.
Clarisse Pitts
UR Museum board member

Thank you
To the Editor:
Upper Rogue Independent. I just got my Boxcar Children’s  RIF book. It
looks great. The title is "Mike’s Mystery." I have enjoyed the Boxcar
Children’s books. I own lots of them.
Thanks again.
Leandra Millard
P.S. I will write you back once I have finished reading it.

Pig in a poke
To the Editor:
Collier, I am amazed at your audacity.  For the last 30 years you have
yelled, harassed, and in some cases brought suit, when the City imposed
to suggest a fee for some city service.  Now you and your unsanctioned
group are trying to impose a water district fee that will require
citizens of Shady Cove to fork over some of their hard earned money
with no guarantee of ever seeing a drop of community water.  Talk about
a pig-in-a-poke. 
Even if the city managed to get a water
system, more than likely those residents that have good wells would not
be required to connect so they would have paid for a service that they
are not benefitting from.  If I receive a bill from your organization,
I intend to mark it "Return to Sender".
Ann Griffith
Shady Cove

Take care of pets
To the  Editor:
homes being foreclosed and the cost of living skyrocketing, animal
shelters across the U.S. are bursting at the seams with abandoned
animals-many of whom must be euthanized to make room for the
never-ending flow of more animals (AP story).
I urge people
who are facing financial difficulty to explore every option to keep
their animals, including searching for rental properties that allow
animals and asking trusted family or friends to care for animals
temporarily. If your veterinary bills are adding up, talk to your
veterinarian about working out a payment plan.
For people
who truly have no other option, taking animals to shelters where they
will be fed, cared for, and loved, and will have a chance at finding
new homes, is the kindest thing to do. Abandoning animals to "fend for
themselves" or handing them over to strangers are virtual death
Everyone can help free up room and resources at
shelters by having their own animals spayed or neutered and by adopting
animals from shelters instead of buying them from breeders or pet
stores, which contribute to overpopulation. To learn more, visit
Lindsay Pollard-Post
Norfolk, VA

Wake up SC
To the Editor:
the past 15 years or so, voters have rejected the idea of having an
expensive water system brought into Shady Cove many times. In 2003, by
not allowing mobile home residents to vote, about 1,000 "no" votes
would assure passage of a water district. They were classified as being
out of the district, yet they live within the city limits of Shady
Cove. A classic case of election fraud.
Two years later, the voters of Shady Cove dissolved the water district.
water district was resurrected by Jim Collier by going before a three
judge panel in Salem to overrule the vote of the people. Now this
renegade water district is telling the taxpayers/voters of Shady Cove
they need this water system, but they must pay a $6 mo. fee just to get
things started and more than a 10-fold increase if and when the water
For many years, the voters of Shady Cove rejected any
tax increases to fund the police department. As a last resort, the city
council has decided not to ask, but to tell the people of Shady Cove
what they want need and want. They imposed a $15 mo. fee, not a tax,
and called it a "public safety fee" in 2007.
What happened
to the democracy that we all are supposed to have? Since when do you
allow someone to tell you what you need and want?
I think
it’s time for Shady Cove to wake up, take a little more interest in the
community and make your voices heard. Get the city council to outlaw
fees, they should be voluntary, not mandatory. If you want something,
you pay a fee, and if you don’t want it, then you should have the
option of doing without it.
W. Vern Hajek
Shady Cove

Oh no, not again
To the Editor:
director of the Eagle Point Senior Center Thrift Store, I’m almost
afraid to go to work sometimes. I never know what waits for me. Last
Friday, it was rotting rugs, wet, musty clothing, broken furniture and
dirty bedding. It happens almost every week. What that means is moving
it to the storage area until it can be loaded onto a truck and taken to
the dump. It creates a huge burden for the center. Not only do we have
to find someone able to load the heavy things, we also have to pay for
the gas to haul it and we have to pay the dump fees. If something is
broken, has pieces missing, or is really dirty, we can’t use it.
don’t like to discourage anyone from donating because we really do
appreciate good, clean items. If you have a question about donations,
or are unable to come in during our regular open hours, please call the
center at 826-9404 and ask for Ruth or Ken. We will be glad to look at
the items or arrange for a special time for drop off. Donors need to be
aware that premises are posted and they can be cited if they dump items
during closed hours.
On a happier note, we have been 
receiving huge amounts of wonderful items. They are going into our
store every day. Please stop by. You don’t want to miss something
Ruth Wooley
Eagle Point

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