Secondary education, expanded opportunities, see as a future at EPHS

CPEC is an abbreviation or perhaps a new word that students, faculty and community will begin to hear more about over a period of time at Eagle Point High School.  While it stands for Career Path Exploratory Community, the bottom line is that every student is an individual and as such needs the tools to be successful.

That acronym translates into increased academic success, improved
graduation rate, college readiness, increased participation in
secondary opportunities, academic advising, improving the transition
from middle school to high school and building a strong program to
match every student with an adult.
Ten staff members, 
Principal Allen Barber and Assistant Principal Ginny Walker  are
beginning to put together a program they believe will provide
advancement opportunities for every high school student.
committee includes Judy Rosenzweig, Rob Cowden, Ken Welburn, Matt
Boren, Cari Snider, Pam Long, Curtis North, John Trinosa, McKael
Ziegler, Andrea Murdoch, Ginny Walker and Allen Barber.
program at McMinville High School and one in Okaloosa, Florida have
been visited. From those visits  Rosenzweig said they have seen methods
they believe would be successful for Eagle Point High School while at
the same time, they have noted some methods they view as negative.
has an opportunity to explore many options for its students. In their
presentation at the school board’s workshop  last week, Barber and
Rosenzweig pointed to programs that are already offering advanced
skills, such as an the nursing program in conjunction with V.A.
Domiciliary and an AA degree obtainable for students who have taken
electronics in their junior and senior years.
CPEC centers
around a secondary focus for every student. College credit, associate
degrees and doing relevant work at certified sites could give EPHS
students a much broader opportunity, said Rosenzweig.
talked about the success McMinville is having through their freshman
program. Freshman spend the year learning beyond the normal course
structure as they experience numerous educational opportunities through
mini courses.
Neither the CPEC or the option of having
freshman in a small learning community will begin next year, said
Barber. He said there is a lot of study and planning needed and these
opportunities would only be introduced when a total plan has been
developed and process by the community.
The board of
directors voted in a work session to approve a high school choir trip
to San Francisco, June 9-11. Kathy Ascuena, assistant to the
superintendent, and Jonathan Bilden, board chairman, said they had
talked to OSBA and learned they could vote in a work session. They
noted voting in a work session  would not be a practice and the board
asked that a policy be considered wherein under emergencies the
superintendent could approve out-of-state travel. (The Independent
knows of no group wherein voting in a work session is allowed, although
a consensus can be obtained.) The vote was by roll call.
met in executive session with their legal counsel concerning the
on-going issue of insurance payment for the junior high school fire.
next regular meeting of the board of directors is Wednesday, June 11 at
5 p.m. when they meet in executive session to continue consulting with
legal counsel concerning the insurance settlement for the junior high
school fire. The public hearing on the budget will be at 6 p.m.
followed by the regular board meeting at 6:30 p.m.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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