2008 Prospect Jamboree

Saturday, August 16
Schedule of Events
        7:00 – 9:30 A.M.          Lumberjack Breakfast at Lions Park, hosted by Home Extension
        9:00 A.M.                    Parade Line Up across from Prospect Store
        10:00 A.M.                  Parade Begins……Grand Marshals: Neil & Lavina Stockebrand
        11:00 A.M.                  Booths Open at Lions Park                National Anthem by Deborah Mahoney
                Introduction of Grand Marshals, Neil & Lavina Stockebrand
                Tug of War Begins
                Bingo in the Wigwam!  Sponsored by Prospect Lioness
                Music begins with Grand Illusion DJ
                Registration for Timber Carnival Contestants Begins
11:30 A.M.              Hay Scramble
                Horseshoes Begin
12:00 noon            Timber Carnival Begins! (With special Guest Arnold the Clown!)
                Admission $3.00 for adults and $1.00 for children
12:30 P.M.              Greased Pig Contest
1:00 P.M.            Watermelon Eating Contest
1:30 P.M.             Children’s Pop Walk
2:30 P.M.            Hula Hoop Contest
                Performance by Jared Goode, Main Stage
3:00 P.M.            Karaoke by Larry Willis Entertainment, Main Stage
3:30 P.M.            Gunny Sack Races
4:30 P.M.             Limbo Contest
7:00 P.M.            Jamboree Closes!  See you next year!

Thank you for attending and have a
great time at our

58th Annual
Prospect Jamboree &
Timber Carnival!

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