Counterfeit $100 bills passed in Grants Pass and Medford

Counterfeit $100 bills were passed at WinCo and Fred Meyer South the afternoon of June 18.
Suspects were a Hispanic male in his 30s around 230 lbs., slicked back hair, black short sleeved shirt and jeans. The second suspect was a white female, in her 30s, medium build, brown hair, white over blue tank top and black capri pants.
The vehicle believed associated with the two was a 2002 Dodge Caravan, gray or grayish blue, CA/4WIE343, registered out of Berkeley, CA.
On June 16 there were reports of counterfeit $100 bills passed in Grants Pass. As of June 17, police said 13 of them had been recovered.
The Grants Pass descriptions were: We have general descriptions for two of the persons involved:
    Suspect 1: Hispanic Male, 25-35 yoa, 5’10" to 6′ 180-190 lbs
    Suspect 2: Hispanic Female, 25-35 yoa
The bills are a very good copy, but it is noted that they appear slightly off color and there are no fibers in the paper. There is also white edging and no watermark; the paper is smoother than of a real $100 bill.
The investigation into these incidents is ongoing. Anyone seeing the above described persons passing $100 bills or vehicles associated with these persons is asked to contact the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety at (541) 474-6370. (Reference Cases #2008-6010 though 2008-6015) 

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