C.W. Smith and Gilmour won't take salary increases

Jackson County Commissioners C.W. Smith and Dave Gilmour seemed to have listened to the public and to the media as they announced they will not take the 26 percent raise they previously had supported. Additionally, neither one will take the cost of living increase. Jack Walker apparently intends to take the wage increase.
The salary adjustments were made for the commissioners and several department heads in an attempt to bring them in line with salaries for similar positions throughout the state. However, there were many complaints given the economic hardships being endured by many.
Jim Olney, the Democratic candidate seeking Smith’s position, said following the announcement, "Even though Commissioner Dennis "CW" Smith said he deserved a 26 percent pay raise as a County Commissioner and that he stands by his decision after public criticism, today he decided to "forego" the raise this year.
Olney said this was indicative of the commissioners flip-flopping on issues.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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