New Oregon GI Bill for veterans

Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs Director Jim Willis announced the signing of the new GI Bill for Oregon veterans. The bill significantly expands education benefits for veterans and was praised by Governor Ted Kulongoski.
"In Oregon, we’ve done a lot to help our veterans with education benefits," the Governor said. "This new GI Bill keeps the faith with those who serve our country and will make an invaluable investment in our future."

The new GI Bill has been likened to that of the GI Bill offered to
World War II veterans in that it provides for nearly all the costs of
attending school. "One of the reasons the World War II generation is
the greatest generation is because they came home from war, went back
to school, and then began leading our nation," Willis said. "With this
bill, we can make another great generation of future leaders."
The following are the highlights of the new GI Bill:

  • Service
    members no longer will have to "buy-in" to the program by paying $1,200
    to sign up. Instead, eligibility is based on months of active duty post


  • For most
    veterans, the program pays full cost of tuition and fees at any public
    institution, a living stipend, and a $1,000 per year book stipend.


  • The average value of the benefit will rise from $9,900 to $18,815.


  • The time limit for using the New GI Bill increases from 10 years to 15 years after discharge.

have been supporting this effort to expand the GI Bill since the
legislation was drafted," Willis said. "Ensuring that our veterans can
have the best education our nation has to offer is the right thing to
do," he said.

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