Scams focus on Hispanics and those facing foreclosure

The Medford police Department is warning the public of a current vishing scam.  Vishing is the criminal practice of using the telephone to gain access to private personal and financial information from the public for the purpose of financial reward.   The scammer is targeting the Hispanic community and reportedly speaks very good Spanish.  
The scammer telephones random subjects and claims to be from the local water department.  He advises them he is doing checks on his employee’s in the field and then inquires about when the occupants are going to be home. This is not a legitimate service.

The call back numbers for the scammer are coming from outside Oregon.
The Medford Water Department and Central Point Public Works confirmed they are not conducting any evaluations or inquires. 
is for information purposes only.  If you receive a call, there is no
need to advise your local police department. Do not provide the scammer
with any information.
Another scam that has affected some
Upper Rogue residents is one where a man claims to be the employee of a
mortgage "watchdog" group. He asks to look over the victims mortgage
papers and says he can save the victim thousands of dollars by finding
errors on the paperwork.
He leaves with a fee and the
mortgage. Of course, that includes all the data he needs to access a
bank account or open a credit card because the paper work contains
considerable personal data.
Police believe the suspect is
Bart Arthur Blahosky, 50. He has a long record of fraud. Anyone with
information is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 774-8333.

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