Ways to buy at the swine aor beef auction without spending a fortune

Kids spend hours working and playing with their fair aniamals
Kids spend hours working and playing with their fair aniamals

Many months of dedication, hard work and considerable money have gone into raising the 4-H and FFA animals. Members have learned responsibility. They’ve learned how to handle an animal, how to care for it and love it. And soon it will be time for their hard work to pay off.


They are counting on you and you and you to bid and buy. How do you
do that, especially if you don’t want or need the meat but want to show
your support? How do you do that if you can’t be at the Fair but want
to show your support.
If you want to buy, but not have the
meat, you can participate in what is called the buy- back program. A
few days before the Fair, commercial bidders set a buy-back price. This
is generally market price. You, the bidder, pay only the difference
between the buy-back price and the bid price. As an example if a hog
buy-back price is $1.75 and you bid $3 you pay $1.25 a pound the animal
and the commercial bidder, such as The Butcher Shop, takes the animal.
This is an excellent way to support youth while not over extending

There is also the opportunity to go together
with others to bid and buy. To do this, you can call auctioneers Ron
Anderson (826-3109) or Stan Deupree (826-6620) prior to the auction and
tell them you either have a group of people who want to bid or that you
would like to be grouped with someone. They will want to know what your
bottom line is, that is how much you want to spend and get enough
information for a legitimate bid. You can buy half a hog or half a beef
in this manner.

The best thing is to go to the Fair, enjoy the BBQ for buyers prior to the sale and watch the action as you bid and buy. 

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