Amendment to "no child" of concern with its environmental ed mandates

Sen.Doug Whitsett (D-28)
Sen.Doug Whitsett (D-28)

By Sen.Doug Whitsett (D-28)
A public law, called the "No Child Left Inside Act", is currently being debated in Washington D.C. I believe this Act should be of serious concern to everyone regardless of our political affiliations or our environmental concerns.
HR 3036 proposes to amend "No Child Left Behind" to indoctrinate our kindergarten through high school students on federal government environmental policies The law proposes to provide $100 million in federal education grant money each year to state education departments to perform federal government mandated environmental education.

Title two provides grant money to ensure that elementary and high
school students are environmentally literate. The plan is for state
education agencies to develop an environmental education plan suitable
to the mandates of the United States Department of Education. The plan
further calls for the education agencies to enlist the aid of state
environmental and natural resources agencies, as well as state and
national nonprofit environmental organizations, to establish course
The plan requires the professional development of
teachers to improve their knowledge of environmental issues, and their
skill in teaching environmental dogma. The grant structure strongly
encourages establishing partnerships with state and local environmental
agencies, and with nonprofit or for-profit environmental organizations,
to enhance the professional development of our teaching corp.
plan proposes to establish the quantity and the content of government
selected environmental knowledge required to be demonstrated before a
student can graduate high school.
Title five creates and
additional environmental education grants system to encourage nonprofit
environmental organizations to develop environmental education programs
that can be utilized by state and local education agencies.
A direct quote from the bill explanation states:
changes, depletion of natural resources, air and water problems and
other environmental challenges are pressing and complex issues that
threaten human health, economic development, and national security.
widespread agreement about what specific steps we need to take to solve
these problems is difficult. Environmental education will help ensure
our nation’s children have the knowledge and skills necessary to
address these complex issues."
Apparently, the chosen
method of establishing widespread agreement is for the federal
government to provide grants to indoctrinate our children with their
chosen environmental dogma.
Currently, 1.2 million
teachers are providing thirty million students programs that range from
environmental science courses to interdisciplinary approaches that
integrate the entire curriculum with an environmental theme. However,
the bill description further laments that schools are choosing to
reduce, or abandon, environmental education in favor of emphasizing
more time and resources in teaching reading and math. They conclude
that "No Child Left Behind must provide schools and school systems with
incentives, flexibility, and authority to develop and deliver
environmental education programs."
HR 3036 establishes the
means for the federal government to provide grants covering up to 90
percent of the cost to support systemic education reform by
strengthening academic content and student achievement standards in
environmental learning.

Of course, with that 90
percent funding comes virtual complete control over teacher
environmental education, what they teach to our kids, and what
environmental dogma our kids must be able to regurgitate to graduate
high school.
This bill places an entirely new meaning on
public education. It appears to replace mandatory education standards
with mandatory environmental propaganda. History is replete with
examples of the despotism and tyranny that follows the mandatory
indoctrination of a nation’s youth with selected government dogma.
Please remember that if we do not stand up for our rights, no one will.
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