Antique & collectible dolls nestle in Butte Falls Boutique

Diana Davis and JoAnn Lyon in front of Butte Falls JoAnn's Boutique
Diana Davis and JoAnn Lyon in front of Butte Falls JoAnn’s Boutique

Ladies – for a memorable Fall day take a drive to Butte Falls and visit JoAnn’s Boutique and Collectibles. The boutique, housed in a renovated two-story house from the 1930s, is full of gorgeous, old items that JoAnn collected over the years. With reservations, groups may also enjoy a dessert tea in a yard filled with old-fashioned flowers such as hollyhocks. Visiting JoAnn’s is like stepping back in time to a more gentle era.

This shop literally has something for everyone. When entering,
hand-painted garden ornaments decorate the front porch. Inside the
front door is the "grand room" that is filled with Queen Anne chairs,
antique cane chairs, vintage jewelry and more. A large brick fireplace
is surrounded with items such as a mantel candelabra clock with pink
marble and Armani statuaries. Vintage jewelry and new hand-crafted
glass bead jewelry by Butte Falls artisans, Connie Drane and Idabelle
Andrews, stop a person in their tracks. Photos made into artwork,
teacups, old Avon ceramics, an old-old organ, new original children’s
clothing and more fill the room.
Each room has a theme. A
side room filled with dolls and doll furniture such as buggies and high
chairs is a remembrance of childhood. Cases with Madame Alexander dolls
and Effanbee dolls fill one wall. On tables are children’s ceramic tea
sets, dishes and more, including vintage dresses in a closet.
is the Friendship Room. A cowboy corner features western items and
handmade birdhouses. Avon "way back when" figurines such as Fred
Astaire and Ginger Rogers, more old teacups, dishes featuring chickens
and tablecloths are displayed on a hand-carved kitchen dining set that
would fit perfectly in someone’s house.
The pantry and
kitchen have shelves filled with dishes, beautiful hand-painted dessert
sets, stem ware, mugs, napkin rings, handcrafted dish rags, a silver
teapot, chicken hot pads and much, much more.
upstairs, early "Holiday Barbie Dolls" bring a pause on each step to
admire the gorgeous attire on the dolls. The second story houses the
Boudoir and the Holiday Rooms. The boudoir has an antique cradle, baby
quilts handmade by Carolyn Hancock that could be used for wall hangings
and a Jenny Linn antique bed.
For those who love Christmas,
the Holiday Room has a few items that would be hard to find anywhere.
Moving mannequins dressed in red velvet 1800’s costumes and a sleigh
filled with Charles Dickens style characters are a reminder of olden
JoAnn obviously enjoys her work. Many of the
collectibles, such as the teacups, are personal items collected over
the years. This likable proprietor and her store are like a magnet in
the town. Locals wander in and out and the boutique has become the
social center of Butte Falls, according to JoAnn’s customers and
The customers vary in age and gender. The youngest
is a 6-year-old boy named Tanner who stops by the boutique daily. He
has his eye on a costly necklace. So far he has only managed to buy
some small items, paying on occasion by sweeping the patio of the
boutique, said JoAnn. Residents Connie Irwin and Gayle Koch said it is
fun having a store like this in Butte Falls and think the boutique is a
good place to buy gifts or maybe a treat for oneself. It is a sure bet
that visitors will meet local residents while shopping.
said she is helped by sidekick Diana Davis who is a kindred spirit. And
neighbors Bobbie and Doug Smith pitch in by taking care of the
old-fashioned flowers growing outside, including hanging baskets for
sale. Bobbie enjoys the boutique but when asked how he feels about the
store, Doug Smith shook his head dubiously and said, "It’s a girl
The store is open Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00
a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The store is at 428 Fir St. For more information call
JoAnn Lyon at 865-3506 or 951-1341.
By Margaret Bradburn
Of the Independent


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