Pendleton makes special blankets to celebrate 100 years & Oregon 150

Mount Hood is the design chosen for the full size commemorative blanket.

Mount Hood is the design chosen for the full size commemorative blanket.

Oregon 150, the non-profit organization planning Oregon’s year-long, statewide sesquicentennial in 2009, has partnered with Pendleton Woolen Mills, to celebrate 100 Years of Weaving America’s Spirit, to design and weave an honorary sesquicentennial blanket and a Muchacho (child’s) blanket.

The blankets were unveiled by Governor Kulongoski and his wife at a special ceremony at the opening of the 2008 Oregon State Fair.

Both blankets are designed as commemorative items and fund raising tools for Oregon’s 150 celebration. Pendleton has a long history of successful fund raising with specially designed blankets.

“We have raised significant funds for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, plus hundreds of other organizations through the sale of custom designed blankets,” said chairman of the board, John Bishop. “Being able to contribute to our home state’s celebration in the year when we are also celebrating a major milestone of doing business in Oregon is an exciting venture. We look forward to a year of celebration wrapped in this wonderful blanket.”

In addition,  Pendleton will give a commemorative Muchacho blanket to every baby born in Oregon on Jan. 1, 2009.

“Pendleton Woolen Mills has outdone itself with the stunning Oregon Sesquicentennial Blanket and Muchacho blanket,” said Barbara Sidway, chair of the Oregon 150 board of directors. “They are the perfect gift for the holidays, for celebrating the arrival of new Oregonians in 2009 and to forever remember our amazing state’s 150th birthday.”

Designer Patty Fogarty was inspired to choose Mount Hood to represent Oregon’s past, present and future. “It has watched over our maverick innovations for 150 years. In this bold design, 15 trilliums and 15 ferns each represent a decade of statehood and border our iconic mountain,” she said.

The pattern is a serene blue sky with Mount Hood reflecting a snowy blanket bordered by graphic trilliums and ferns. The blankets are made in Pendleton, Oregon, just as Pendleton has been weaving blanket there in its original mill for 100 years.

There will be 150 limited edition blankets offered by Oregon 150 selling for $5,000 each. Open edition blankets sell for $248, Each blanket sold includes a letter from First Lady Mary Oberst. The Muchacho blanket is 32 in. x 44 in. And sells for $78.

To order visit or call 1-800-649-1512.

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