WC fighter wins 2nd fight

Juan Almarez, of White City, had his second professional fight Sept. 13 at the Emerald Queen Casino in  Tacoma, Wash.
Almarez said his opponent, Daren Darby,  liked to  come forward and had a tendency to swing his head around and head butt.
The first round was pretty slow, said Almarez. After that, Almarez figured Darby didn’t like to retreat, so he got him going backwards. Almarez just kept punching and going after him, keeping him on the retreat.
"He was tough and definitely could give a punch," said the White City fighter.
Almarez gave Darby a cut over his left eye in the 2nd round.
The fight went the four rounds and all but one judge gave Almarez all four rounds.
Almarez fights in Las Vegas on Sept. 27.

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