Women of the Moose honor their own

Women of the Moose celebrated the achievements of three women during an emotional ceremony at the Upper Rogue Moose Lodge #2480 on Saturday evening, September 17. The three women honored were Marie Trevino, Jodie Walsh and Barbara Baker. The installing leader was Doris Black from the Grants Pass Women of the Moose, Chapter 2075.
At what was a College of Regents celebration, Marie Trevino received the Red Stole signifying she has been a member in good standing for three years after being senior regent. Jodie Walsh changed from a green tassel to a red tassel signifying she has been in the College of Regents for a full year. And Barbara Baker became the Baby Collegian. The installations garnered many tears, hugs and kisses, an indication of the closeness achieved while working together on projects.
State Deputy Regent, Lisa Green, from the Grants Pass chapter spoke eloquently about the mission of the Women of the Moose. As members, their duty is to care for "our young and old." Green was referring to Mooseheart and Moosehaven, homes for disadvantaged children and the elderly from all over the country. She also talked about Moose women’s dedication to local causes. As many Upper Rogue residents can testify, the Shady Cove chapter #2206 has done much to help students and disadvantaged residents of the area. Although Moose members are social, community service is their number one priority.
Also present at the ceremony were "Shining Star" International Moose of the Year, Richard Green, and Moose Charity Chair, Warren Black, both from Grants Pass Lodge #2454. Locals included District 1 President, Bob Walsh, Upper Rogue Moose Lodge Governor, Jim Paisley, and VFW Commander Glenn Scobie.
Women of the Moose are always seeking new members. For more information on the Women of the Moose call Wanda Chase at 826-5547 or Marie Trevino at 878-8475.
By Margaret Bradburn
Of the Independent

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