EP Rotary treats winner of D9 bid

ImageThe Eagle Point Rotary Club served a very special dinner to the winning bid from the Rotary contribution to the D9 Scholarship fund. Dinner guests included on left front to back Charlotte Hoope, Mary Ann Olsen, Carolyn Hein and Carol Johnston. On the right, front to back: Maggie Webster, Sally Plummer, Alison Carroll and Shirley Laughlin.
Dinner in the cellar of the historic Butte Creek Mill included salad, trip tip, brandied mushrooms, baked potato, green beans with sauteed bacon and desserts, which include white chocolate mousse in chocolate cups and a raspberry swirl with a coconut crust. 
A good was had by all and the rotary Club is already looking forward to doing this event again in 2009.  Get your pencils sharpened and your bids ready. 

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