EPHS Boosters features boys & girls soccer

The EPHS Boosters Club honored three students this month, the first being Erica Rasor for her participation in Girls soccer. Rasor is a junior and has lettered twice in soccer and once in basketball as well as golf. She has made 1st team all conference two years in a row. She says soccer is her favorite sport and she loves the feeling she gets when she puts her cleat on the field , and hearing the ball hit the net!

One of the thing she likes most about EPHS is great school spirit. Her
plans after high school are to go to college to become either a P.E.
teacher or a veterinarian.
Werner Constanza was recognized
for his participation in boys soccer. Constanza is a junior and plays
soccer because he feels it is one of the best sports. He has been
playing it all  his life. He is also pleased that EPHS has a branch of
the Rogue Federal Credit Union on campus.
His role model is
his grandfather because he is humble and gives good advice. He’d like
to attend a university and study forensic science.
third student highlighted at the Booster’s meeting was Mario Barajas a
senior who also plays boys soccer. Barajas has lettered in soccer three
times. He is also involved in leadership and the Link program. His
favorite thing about soccer is the fact that it is a team sport and his
friends are on the team with him. What he likes best at EPHS is that
the teachers are down to earth and will hang out with you. He also
likes having a RFCU at the school. His role models are his parents.
They really help him out and keep him going. After high school he plans
on going to OIT and become involved in the dental program.

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