Reward for exceeding expectations

Little Butte 5th graders displayed good manners at Abby's Pizza.
Little Butte 5th graders displayed good manners at Abby’s Pizza.

"Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible." The three Be’s are far more than just words for fifth grade students at Little Butte Elementary. In fact, the class found that honoring the three Be’s brought a trip to Abby’s and free pizza.
Positive Behavior Supports has been part of a program at Little Butte for five years.
As this school year began, staff felt an area that needed improved behavior based on data from last year was the cafeteria. So, they had a contest during September. Patterned after the Olympics, they tagged it "Gold Medal Behavior." To receive a Gold Medal, students had to demonstrate behavior beyond the three Be’s and that is what the fifth graders did, earning their way to pizza.
Little Butte utilizes a stoplight, with the familiar red, yellow and green lights as a noise indicator. Green is the best behavior with red the worst or loudest. Cindy Leonardo, who is the cafeteria monitor, said she has never had to use the red signal on this year’s fifth grade class.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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