BF students pick McCain, EP & state results pick Obama in mock election

Once again Mike Curtis and his social studies classes at Eagle Point High School participated in the national mock election program, sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Oregon.

This year the students found a bit of a variance as they did a recount in the presidential race. The recount was one of two new learning experiences in tabulating the votes this year. Curtis said students found a questionable ballot, which was held up for close examination and finally determined to be an invalid vote. That provided opportunity to discuss hanging chads, which was such an issue at the last general election.

President            EPHS            Butte Falls
Ralph Nader (Peace)            13        4
Cynthia McKinney (Pacific Green)      4        5
John McCain (Republican)           *233        59   
Bob Barr (Libertarian)        6        3
Chuck Baldwin (Constitution)    1        4
Barack Obama (Democrat)          *234        52
Note:* Recount in one class had 241 for Obama and 233 for McCain while 2nd period recount had 240 Obama and 231 McCain
Butte Falls had 12 write-ins for President
The state results were:
McCain                  28 %
Obama                  67%               

Secretary of State        EPHS           
Rick Dancer (Republican)         234
Kate Brown (Democrat)         202
The state results had Brown with 52%

U.S. Senator            EPHS            Butte Falls
Jeff Merkley (Democrat)         182            27
Gordon Smith (Republican)         280            15
Dave Brownlow (Constitution)       42        19
State results Merkley 52% and Smith 41%

U.S. Rep. Distr. #2        EPHS            Butte Falls
Richard Hake (Constitution Party)     20        32
Tristan Mock (Pacific Green)    27        17
Greg Walden (Republican)              305        51
Noah Lemas (Democrat)              125        13
The state results was Walden- 56%
Eagle Point High students found the economy overwhelmingly the most important issue (321), with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan 2nd with 49 votes. That was followed by the energy crisis (34), Health care and costs (30) and other issues (9).
Oregon Ballot Measures:
Measure 57- EPHS – Yes- 323        No-180
State- Yes
Measure 58- EPHS- Yes -144        No-336
State- No
Measure 61- EPHS- Yes- 245        No-248
State- No
Measure 63- EPHS- Yes-220        No-272
Measure 65- EPHS- Yes-192            No-301
There were 300 high school and middle schools with 69,000 originally signed up to participate in the mock election. Be sure to check the Nov. 4 results to see how EPHS and Butte Falls students compare with the final results.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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