D9 continues to work at reducing costs for new school

Dr. Dan Zaklan, interim director of business services for School District 9, reported he was meeting with the project manager for Willamette ESD to look at potential timelines and budget reductions for a new school. Dr. Zaklan said a meeting was going to be set up to meet with the city regarding the fee structure and that pending a successful meeting with the project manager, a meeting would be scheduled with John Weeks, Portland architect.

Brian Winter was appointed full-time interim assistant principal for EPHS. He previously was spending 51 percent of his time as an assistant principal for athletics and activities and 49 percent as a teacher at the high school.

Ila Reimer, family support liason for District 9, provided a report on her involvement, which centers around working with homeless students. She said 5.3 percent of the District 9 students are listed as “homeless.” The designation includes those who couch surf, do not live with a arent or guardian, live in a vehicle, are awaiting foster care placement, living in motel or hotel. Reimer pointed out that these students are entitled to transportation, if needed, in order to attend school.

Reimer said last year she worked with 224 youth in transition. She said transportation is the number one problem for students and for the program. Reimer is building a volunteer program to assist her and the students with the many program needs. She currently has eight volunteers. Anyone interested or wishing more information is encouraged to contact Reimer at 830-6276.

Mike Bull, Eagle Point High School and University of Portland graduate, was appointed to the budget committee. Filling the second vacancy will be Alison Carroll. She is a retired accountant.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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