Dan Boyd leads the way in Butte Falls

Dan Boyd studies results of survey he organized.

Dan Boyd studies results of survey he organized.

At Butte Falls High School when someone says Mr. President, they can only be referring to one person and that person is Daniel Boyd. Dan has been class president each of his four years at Butte Falls High. But that is only a small part of the role has plays with the students and the community.

Election time has been an important time for Boyd. He is a member of Democracy Matters, a non-partisan organization of students involved in educating and leading their peers in civic action and social change at the community level. In fact, he is the Chapter Chairman in Oregon (not unlike another Mr. President title for the group).  Boyd has worked with Senator Alan Bates.

“My goal is to motivate students to better appreciate and understand how democracy works by organizing an assembly and inviting party representatives to discuss, advocate and in- form community members about the importance of how lobbyist funds are used to influence elections,” said Boyd.

Boyd has earned three national honors. They are: 2007 President’s Outstanding Academic Excellence Award. Who’s Who Among Students- 4 yr. Recipient and National Forensics League Rogue Valley Student Congress, 1st place Judges’ Choice. Boyd is captain of the debate team and is involved in numerous other activities and has many other awards. He wants to attend Boston University and major in pre-med.

On Oct. 29, Boyd had a significant role in organizing and conducting a pre-election assembly to help his  peers think about the important issues facing us all.

While issues such as cutting capital gains tax, abortion rights and gun control are reasons  some find for voting for or against a particular candidate, Butte Falls students learned that sometimes a representative can take a stand all his own.

Issues ranging from strengthening the economy to war and peace were tossed out as Boyd affirmed democracy matters. Distinct viewpoints were represented by guests Warren Merl and Doug Bowles, representing some Republican viewpoints. The Democratic invitees were unable to attend. Boyd challenged the guests by presenting the Democratic party’s stand in the absence of their representation.

Despite his role playing for the Democrats, he has a non-partisan role as a representative for Democracy Matters, which affirms: “The success of government depends largely on us and broad citizen participation, not just on the shoulders of our elected officials.”

To that end, speaker Merl asked: “Where do you want to be when you are 40-years-old? What kind of a house do you want to live in? What kind of a car do you want to drive? And what kind of job do you want to have?”

Then, with a smile he pointed to the students and said, “You determine what you want. Start planning your future now.”
By Nancy Leonard and Joyce Hailicka

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