EPHS & EPMS on state "watch list"

Eagle Point Middle School and Eagle Point High School received notice that they are two of 10 schools in the state that have been placed on a "watch list" under the school safety provision of the No Child Left Behind Act. By being placed on this list, it means the school exceeded the minimum rate of expulsions due to violence.

To determine a school’s status, the school must meet or exceed one of
these rates per year: for schools with 500 or fewer students, the rate
is five expulsions per year and for schools over 500 students, it is
one expulsion for every 100 students or fraction thereof.
to Suzanne Smith, Oregon Department of Education, the district must
develop a means to address the concerns and submit a corrective action
plan. Smith said the ODE will be available to assist and she said there
was Title IV money from the Safe Drug program.
Expulsions can be for the following reasons:

  • Weapons


  • Violent Behavior


  • Arrests for any of the following violent criminal offenses on school
    grounds, on school sponsored transportation and/or school sponsored


  • Assault


  • Manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance


  • Sexual crimes using force, threatened use of force or against an incapacitated person


  • Arson


  • Robbery


  • Hate/Bias Crime


  • Coercion


  • Kidnaping

to EPHS Principal Allen Barber, EPHS had 11 students that brought
weapons on campus. He said in most instances the weapon was a knife
that had been forgotten about. He didn’t indicate there were other
expulsions. Barber said the first seven weeks of this school year has
seen a dramatic decrease in the number of student referrals. He
attributes that to the staff teaching expectations and following
through with consequences as well as the student desire to follow those
Barber said the high school has already taken
several steps to eliminate the problem. "Some of these steps include a
school wide discipline policy and a school wide management system which
consists of all adults supervising all students’ behavior," said
Barber. "Every teacher teaches and re-teaches behavior lessons to the
students. One of the lessons is regarding dangerous weapons on campus."
Dan Johnson, EPMS principal, was out of town at a meeting of middle school principals and unavailable for comment.
schools on first year "watch list" include: Three River’s/Josephine Co.
District-Fleming Middle School, Lorna Byrne Middle School and Illinois
Valley High School
    Klamath Falls City Schools- Mazama High School
    Bend- LaPine District- Marshall High School
    Salem- Keizer District- Stephens Middle School
    Reynolds District- Reynolds Middle School
Alliance High School in Portland is on its second year and Salem-
Keizer District’s McKay High School in its fourth year and is,
therefore termed a "persistently dangerous" school.
By Nancy Leonard
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