Gift from EP Friends is new library display unit

New display at EP Library includes Navajo blankets.
New display at EP Library includes Navajo blankets.

Since last year’s reopening, Eagle Point Friends of the Library planned for the elegant enhancement. What had been an ordinary wall of glass atop cubby shelves along the floor, would transform into a showcase for outstanding community projects.    

Thanks to generous cash gifts from private citizens, plus ongoing sales
of donated used books, the 92-member FOL team raised funds to
accomplish their objective. They invited Mark Dirnberger of As You Wish
Woodworking, Inc. to construct the through-wall cabinets. The displays
these harbor will be viewable from the arrival corridor to a room it
"Mr. Dirnberger consolidated all our ideas and
designs, and came up with something that fits our craftsman style
motif," said Library Branch Manager, Charlene Prinsen. "We knew that
the right exhibits could both educate and inspire many in our
community. None of the funding for this came from tax dollars."
and installed, the show cabinets debuted on October 30.  To inaugurate
November’s display, the FOL gathered an exquisite array of antique,
vintage, and contemporary textiles. These included needlework, woven
baskets, tribal rugs, tapestries, and cloth dolls. The handmade fiber
arts originated from the Americas, Central Asia, Northern Africa and
the Middle East, said Prinsen. Thanks to the gracious community members
who own them, the fabric creations are on temporary loan to the
"We have a multi-talented FOL group," said member
Mary Ann Olsen. She indicated five shelves lined with donated used
books. "We run book sales every two or three months. It’s that kind of
dedication–fundraisers and donations–that make our goals 
Prinsen mentioned presentations slated
for upcoming months. In December, Missionary Terry Pruett plans an
exhibit of his antique Bible collection, she said. Some of them go back
several centuries. 
Other possibilities on the wish list include rocks, gems. minerals,  plus a few surprises. 
Point FOL’s new membership recruitment is currently underway. 2009’s 
dues cost $5.00 for individual adults; $2.50 for students; $10.00 for
families; and $25.00 for businesses. Their mailing address is PO Box
44, Eagle Point, OR. 97524. For more information, please email, or phone (541) 826-3313. 
By F.C. Blake
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