Patricia Jane Erwin

Patricia Jane Erwin, 78, of Shady Cove, died Oct. 25, 2008 at her home.
She was born on Aug. 24, 1930, in Leon, Kansas.
Upon graduation from high school she headed west to join her older sister, Melba, in California. She met her husband at her first job in Long Beach. She and Jay Erwin were married Dec. 18, 1949.
Their two children, Cynthia Jane and Kirk Jay, were born in southern California. Mrs. Erwin was a devoted daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend, always quick to lend a helping hand and volunteer.
In August of 1982, the call of grand babies was so strong they left Long Beach and relocated in Shady Cove.
The impact of her Christian life and influence is a beautiful and lasting legacy. She had many close friends. Her love of God gave her friendship an eternal dimension. Her laughter, prayers, festive foods, gentle wisdom and sweet spirit will linger in the hearts of many.  Mrs. Erwin lived Christ’s words, "This is my commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you."
She is survived by her husband of 58 years, her son and daughter, youngest sister, Charlene and four grandchildren.
The service for Mrs. Erwin was Oct. 30 at Trail Christian Fellowship. Arrangements by Conger-Morris, Medford.

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