Phone scam

The City of Talent Police Department  is investigating two scams of similar methodology, according to Police Chief Mike Moran.  In each case a female retiree received an urgent call from a young relative who lives out of state. The caller called the victim by name and used his name. He said he’d been arrested in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and needed money immediately sent to avoid charges and jail.

The local victim’s were given an address to send the money to. One
victim tried to wire $5800 via Western Union. Alert Talent Wal-Mart
employees alerted the victim that this could be a scam and the money
was not sent. When she then checked with relatives she found her
grandson was not in Canada and was home.
Another woman
received a call from a nephew and heard similar news and received a
request to send two money orders, one for $6800 and one for $4000. One
of the money orders was stopped but another was mailed. Talent PD
worked with Canadian authorities to intercept delivery but the suspects
obtained the money.
If you receive an urgent call for money to be sent, take these precautions:
First call your relative’s home number or another relative and discuss the situation.
Remember that any money sent out of country, even to Canada is unlikely to be retrieved.
you are being urged to send money you need to stop the process and take
time to get input from someone you trust. If the suspect tells you to
keep the issue secret, that is another clue to a scam.

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