Shady Cove election results

Shady Cove residents were rather clear in their desires for mayor and city council as evidenced by the following votes:

Mayor- Ron Holthusen- 814 votes- 63%
Rick Mori-       458 votes- 36%

City Council (vote for 2)
Margaret Bradburn- 828 votes-35%
Leith Hayes-             699 votes-30%
Bud Rees-             530 votes-26%
Judy Shanrock-        278 votes- 12%

Mayor-elect Holthusen said he was looking at putting together a plan build around giving people a voice by having a day with the mayor where people could come and share ideas or concerns; developing citizen advisory groups and he wants to begin a process that would put the city council and planning commission “on the same page.” Part of that could entrail revisiting the comprehensive plan.

“I feel it is important to get some things done. It is important for people to see that there is a plan in place and at the same time build relationships with the administration and council.,” said Holthusen.

“I feel so honored,” said Bradburn. “I ran for the people and I feel so honored they elected me. I’ll do my best for them.”   

The Independent was unable to reach Hayes.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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