Grinch stole something special in Shady Cove

Shady Cove Merchants wanted to do something special for the community and they came up with the idea of a Christmas tree lighting ceremony that took place December 12 at the corner of Chaparral and Highway 62. The event, in conjunction with Fire District 4, had a large turnout of parents and their children. Santa arrived in a fire engine and led the crowd in a rousing “Jingle Bells.” Voices ranging from toddlers to the deeper voices of adults sang with heartfelt holiday spirits at the first annual lighting of the tree.

Unfortunately the tree lights were vandalized during Christmas week, said a dismayed Christie Eggleston, owner of First Run Video. The lights that had been purchased from the Greater Shady Cove Boosters were torn down and cut into pieces. The merchants bought the lights from the Boosters for a $1 a string to save money during this economic downturn and the City of Shady Cove helped to put them up. It truly was a community event.

“We wanted to do something for the community- something nice,” said Eggleston. Store owners had gone all out to bring an uplifting ambience to Shady Cove. Store windows were decorated with lights and Christmas decorations. And a fire pit outside Eggleston’s store warmed residents the night of the tree lighting.

Now Eggleston is concerned that people who attended the ceremony, especially children, are wondering what happened to their Christmas tree.

Eggleston is not the only upset store owner. Linda Steen, owner of Linda’s Unique Creations, said a lot of effort by many merchants went into this Christmas festivity. Shady Cove needs for people to work together and now this. “Why,” she asked? “What did the vandals gain from this senseless act?”
By Margaret Bradburn
Of the Independent

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