Naumes Equipment closing its doors after 62 years

With changes in the current economy, as well as within the agricultural sector of the Southern Oregon, the longtime family business Naumes Equipment will be closing its doors soon. The decision was made after consideration of the amount of energy and capital required to maintain the business within the struggling economic climate.

Nooks Naumes started Naumes Equipment in 1946, shortly after World War
II. His son Sam Naumes joined the company full time in 1973 –
eventually taking over the business. The family has been providing
agriculture equipment to individuals and businesses in Southern Oregon
for over 62 years. The company featured everything from tractors and
backhoes to lawn mowers, brush cutters and chainsaws.
the years, the company has been through many similar economic cycles,
but not as severe as the current conditions. The family decided it was
time to concentrate its efforts on Naumes’ Oregon Motorsports, a
separate family business offering Yamaha motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes,
snowmobiles as well as parts, service, motorcycle apparel and gear and
more. The closure of Naumes Equipment will not effect the operation of
Naumes’ Oregon Motorsports. Sam Naumes and his daughter Sarah Naumes
Primerano will remain as its active managers.
To take care
of current customers during the transition, Naumes Equipment parts and
sales will still be available for a period of time. The closing date
will be determined soon as details with suppliers are finalized. For
more information, please contact Sam Naumes at (541) 772-6223.

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