Nola Wyatt retires

Talk about it all happening at once. There’s one person who can tell you what it is like to retire, have a birthday and get married, all within less than a three week span of time. Nola Wyatt was just one month short of spending 23 years in the District 9 Transportation Department, when she retired Dec. 19, 2008 or her birthday. And, for those who don’t yet know, she and Greg Lecuyer, former District 9 business manager, were married the day after Thanksgiving.

Nola was hired as a secretary/bus driver 22-plus years ago. In mid 1996 she was named interim District 9 transportation manager when manager Kathy Reynolds died. Nola held the position for a year when she was appointed manager.

“I thought I was going to retire this year before I had to make that 3 a.m. run to check the roads, but that didn’t happen,” said Nola. She explained that in weather such as the area experienced last week, she and her mechanic would take their 4-wheel rigs to check various areas. She said different districts usually check with another and then she places a call to Superintendent Cynda Rickert who makes the final determination on keeping school open, delaying or canceling school.

Nola¬† will be joining Greg in Corvallis where he is that school district’s transportation director.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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