Oregon Hunters feed others

For about the tenth year in a row, the Oregon Hunters Association will provide Christmas food boxes for those in need. Ten boxes of Christmas dinners with additional food items will be distributed in the Upper Rogue. The group will also give over 20 more boxes to families in Central Point and Medford. The goal is to make Christmas better for residents needing help, said Ron Sherva, president of the association and a resident of Trail.

Each box will include a turkey and all the trimmings plus staples such
as sugar and pancake mix. An added bonus may be the inclusion of bear
salami, said Sherva. The salami is made from Black Bear meat that has
been donated by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. In a
previous year, the ODFW gave elk to the group.
The Upper
Rogue boxes will be filled with items purchased at Shady Cove Market.
Owner Fred Thomas is donating the contents for six of the boxes with
the hunters purchasing the rest. Thomas is known for his generous
spirit in the community. He has offered a helping hand to many.
association’s annual project is important to Sherva, a compassionate
man. He said there are families living in old travel trailers along Elk
Creek Road, even in the winter. The families include children. One
family is without heat. Sherva fears there will be more living in those
type conditions before the economy gets better.
For the
boxes, the hunter’s association earned $1,090 through their annual
banquet at the Red Lion Inn and from auctions and raffles. That
combined with collected food from their last meeting and from two
barrels enabled the project. The barrels are at Blackbird Shopping
Center and Medford Power Sports, said Sherva. He plans to have a barrel
at Shady Cove Market next year. He said if residents would each put one
or two items in the barrels there would be more food to feed more
hungry people.
The Oregon Hunters Association has almost
1,000 members in the Rogue Valley with about 11,000 in Oregon. For more
information call Sherva at 878-2986.
By Margaret Bradburn
Of the Independent   

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