Power Hour program for WC Boys & girls

In response to the call for more effective homework assistance programs for low-income youth, Charity Projects Entertainment Fund (CPEF)/Idol Gives Back is providing grants to support the continued implementation of "Power Hour" in 180 Boys & Girls Clubs in communities with high poverty rates across the country.

This highly successful homework assistance program, implemented by the
White City Boys & Girls Club, helps young people come to view
homework as an opportunity to learn to work independently, complete
projects on time and feel positive about their accomplishments.
are grateful to Charity Projects Entertainment Fund for enabling us to
continue utilizing such a high-quality homework assistance program like
Power Hour," says Jessie Lenford the Club’s Program Director. "So many
of the children we serve simply do not have access to the resources
necessary for successful homework completion, which is critical to
their everyday academic success."
"Power Hour: Making
Minutes Count" is an interactive, after-school homework assistance
program for children ages 6 to 18.  Power Hour work is conducted in fun
after-school environment using adults or older students, who serve as
"Homework Helpers," to supervise completion of Club members’ homework.
addition to homework help, these staff or volunteers offer
age-appropriate activities to stimulate Club members’ interest in
learning. By explaining the relevance of learning fractions in order to
cook a meal, for example, or by showing how geography can enable us to
enjoy reading the newspaper, volunteers help Club members learn to
value the knowledge homework can bring. Power Hour’s long-term goals
are to ensure that youth graduate from high school, pursue
postsecondary educations and become life-long learners."On behalf of
the Charity Projects Entertainment Fund/Idol Gives Back, we are very
proud of our partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America," said
Rick Scott, Director, CPEF Board.  "Through Power Hour, Clubs can
continue their support and commitment to helping children reach the
true ‘Power of their Potential.’"
The Boys & Girls Club in White
City provides outreach, summer and after-school programs to over 450
youth each year.  To find out more about the Club visit www.bgcrv.com
or call 541-830-7623.

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