Prospect to become a charter school district

Prospect School District has submitted the necessary paper work for a K-12 Prospect Charter School. Supt. Don Alexander said there is federal money allocated for 10 new charter schools a year in Oregon, and that each could receive $500,000. The money cannot go for salaries or construction.

Alexander said under any circumstances they will be a charter school in the fall of 2009. The most significant advantage will be that the school will have open enrollment, meaning students from other districts can enroll.

The district will also continue its partnership with America’s Choice. The district started working with the Los Angeles-based company when they needed improvement according to the No Child Left Behind program. Alexander said they have been most pleased with the relationship.

The district is in the process of building a metals shop.

The district recently transferred $33,000 out of contingency to pay off a settlement.

Alexander said the governor’s reduction plan will probably mean a $25,000 reduction in revenue. They anticipate saving $6,000 in education tuition for the office staff, taking $2,000 out of the principal’s education fund and saving $5,000 in baseball since only one student has expressed an interest and Prospect and Butte Falls can combine that sport.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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