District 9 administration will accept same salary increase as union

District 9 administrators are recommending new limits on their salaries. Instead of a three percent salary increase for the current year, administrators have proposed receiving the same increase teachers receive in the settlement for their base pay. In the coming two years, 2009 through 2011, administrators have proposed a freeze in their salaries.

 This proposal still is to be approved by the school board.
Additionally, confidential employees have agreed to tie their salary increase this year to that of the teachers base raise.
is now anticipating a much deeper revenue shortfall than anybody
expected just a week ago, said Supt. Cynda Rickert. The state now
believes its revenue shortfall for the remainder of this budget year
could be $300-$600 million larger than earlier thought. For the coming
two years, starting July 1, the shortfall is projected to be an
additional $1 billion.
If these estimates hold, the impact
on the district statewide will be dramatic. District 9 could lose an
additional $2 million-plus this year, on top of the $2 million in
spending reductions made earlier. In the coming two years, the loss
could be catastrophic to the budget.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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