EP artist works in a variety of media

A few weeks ago, Garland Arnaud attended an Eagle Point Chamber meeting. Afterward, La Quinta Motor Inn’s General Manager, Andrew Faw approached him about displaying some art pieces. Arnaud chose three pastels-a 16x 20, and two smaller still-lifes, plus one mixed-media, water color and pen-and-ink rendering.  Since late December, these have graced the walls of the breakfast room, just off the White City  hotel’s lobby. "That’s where guests also enjoy morning coffee," he says, "or even tea 24/7."

Arnaud, who’s been interested in art since age three, first won
recognition for his creativity in the mid 1980s. A Michigan branch of 
Lions Club International, awarded him a  certificate of appreciation
for ads he’d drawn promoting their golf tournament fund-raiser.  In
1985 he won Flint, Michigan’s Mayoral certificate commemorating the
year of the Disabled Vet. Having served in the US Army, Arnaud holds
active membership in the Vietnam Veterans of America. He’s also a
member-at-large of Disabled Veterans of America. 
studying art by correspondence at age sixteen, Arnaud has since earned 
college credits in art history and fine arts. These came from Mott
College in Flint, and Southern Oregon University. What stands out about
the artist is his comfort with the full array of available media, from
pencils to computer screen "paintings." He’s also worked with ceramics,
bronze, wood, and stone sculpture. Another rare skill  is his ability
to produce images on canvas strictly from imagination. Unlike most
artists, he doesn’t need to view a scene or image to depict  it. 
returned to the Rogue Valley in 1993. Then in October of  2005, he
married Eula Worden, who now also enjoys drawing and painting.  They
live in Sams Valley, where the self-described cowboy poet occasionally
composes songs, plays harmonica and guitar, and sings in church
In recent years, his work has garnered first
place and second place prize ribbons at the Upper Rogue Artists
Association . When they next meet in Shady Cove, he will hand the
President’s gavel over to his successor, Dorothy Dierks. 
happy to keep Garland’s paintings on view at La Quinta indefinitely,"
said Faw. "We delight in supporting our local artists."
 By F. C. Blake
Of the Independent


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