History is very much a part of one EPHS class

Mandy Erhard working on her drawing of President Obama

Mandy Erhard working on her drawing of President Obama

EPHS Social Studies teacher Mike Curtis has long made his class of interest; not just with the use of  textbooks but by visually tracing history. One of the examples can be found around the perimeter of his classroom as students draw the presidents and other significant figures.

This year, Amanda Erhard volunteered before the election to draw the person who was elected to be the 44th president. And, despite being a McCain supporter, she was true to her word as she drew soon-to-be president Obama.

Art is just one of Amanda’s interests. She is a member of the National Honor Society, participates in TriO and ASPIRE and is a lunch buddy for grade school students. She has already been accepted at Oregon Institute of Technology and has a $1,500 scholarship to the school. Her ultimate goal is be a pediatrician.  She was a Student of the Month for Eagle Point Lions last month and with all of her activities maintains a 3.80 grade point average.
By Nancy Leonard
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