Long range planning allows EPPD 2 new cars

Eagle Point Police will soon have two 2009 Dodge Charger police cars on the road. Right now they have one new one and the week of Feb. 2 its twin will be patroling as well.


Eagle Point Police Chief Dave Strand said the Charger is quicker than
the Crown Vics they have been driving. Both are V6, but the Charger
gets better mileage, according to Strand. The Charger and Crown Vic are
the only two cars with rear wheel drive, which stands up much better,
said the chief.
"The quality of Fords, in our opinion, has gone downhill, so we are trying Chargers to see if they hold up better," said Strand.
city works with Auto Additions out of Salem. Auto Additions purchase
the cars at the state bid, which is what Eagle Point pays for them.
Auto Additions puts all the equipment in as well as the emblems and
stripes on the exterior. All of this is done to Eagle Point’s
Some of the specs include plastic molded
back seats, with an indentation on the back for handcuffed passengers.
It is instantly obvious those seats are not designed for comfort, but
they are easy to clean. The back seat side windows have steel lattice
work to prevent windows from being broken out. And one other noticeable
change is the lighting system. The newer Eagle Point cars have done
away with overhead lights and instead have LED lights (at least 10
sets) front, back sides, mirrors. This lighting system makes it safer
and much easier for people to see a police car is coming whereas the
overheads may be above someone’s visual plain.
Eagle Point
is on a plan to replace two police cars every five years. And alternate
years they purchase one car. This keeps the fleet up to date and in the
needed operating condition.
The cars average 30,000 miles
a year. By the time a car has been in service four or five years,
despite continual maintenance, it starts to lose efficiency and begins
to cost more and more to fix.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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