Snowpack stands at 108 percent in Rogue Valley

The first blast of winter hit Oregon over the Christmas holiday, but forecasters predict more to come in the months ahead. The mountain snowpack builds between now and March. Predictions are for an ample water supply for irrigation.
The odds are there might not be as much snow in the mountains as last year when there was an extremely high amount, but we should have an above average snowpack this winter once again," said Pete Parsons, meteorologist with the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA).

Two years ago was an El Nino year (tropical areas warmer and drier).
Last year was definitely a La Nina year, according to forecasters and
that is associated with cooling and wetter weather.
year, we look to be on the edge of neutral," said Parsons. "There have
been three winters in the last century with a similar evolution in
terms of tropical ocean temperatures as we see going into this winter.
Those include the winters of 1929-30, 1974-75 and 1989-90."
to the holiday events, few sites had any snow to report. Now,
measurements in the Rogue Valley are at 108 percent, as of Dec. 30,
according to the ODA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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