Book signing Feb. 19 at Eagle Point Library

Dennis Powers to donate funds from Feb. 19 book sale to EP Library
Dennis Powers to donate funds from Feb. 19 book sale to EP Library

Dennis Powers credits his mother, a librarian, with instilling his deep love of literature,  and piano music. In his early school years, he received this advice from a teacher:  "You’re like a wheel with many spokes heading in every direction. Follow one path, or you’ll never arrive at any destination, or accomplish anything".

Powers continued studying, observing, researching and absorbing
whatever  information intrigued him. "By eighth grade, I knew I wanted
to write," he said.
Over the years, he’d compose essays, poems, and stories, eventually submitting them to periodicals, and achieving  publication.
few minutes’ conversation with Powers reveals the critically acclaimed
writer’s multifaceted  personality-extroverted, and egalitarian. His
versatility and variety in subject matter immediately impress. With a
Doctorate degree in law, he held a faculty position at  S. O. U. until
He penned his first of 10 books, "Legal
Street Smarts," in 1994. Later, Powers wrote "Office Romance," which
garnered the coveted distinction of a national book tour.
Eagle Point Library Director, Charlene Prinsen attended his book
signing at a large Medford bookstore. There she approached Powers with
an invitation to bring a presentation about his latest non-fiction
work, "Taking the Sea."
"I’ll be happy to do a power-point
program on Thursday, Feb.19, at 4 p.m.," the author replied. He added
that he’d sign copies of any of his books that sell at the
presentation, and donate the proceeds  to Eagle Point  library.
date closely coincides with Oregon’s 150th anniversary of  attaining
statehood, and ties in with other historical events covered in his
latest books.  For gripping excerpts of these true stories, visit the
By F. C. Blake
Of the Independent

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