Competition will be fierce in SC Chili Cook-off

They’re at it again – secrets, hidden documents and meetings behind closed doors. Worse yet, those involved in this clandestine operation are some of Shady Cove’s most trusted citizens. They are bank employees, members of a fire department support group, volunteers for a service organization and a former local politician. (Admittedly, the latter is a little more suspect for this type of behavior than the others.)

These people will stop at nothing when it comes to winning the 16th
annual Shady Cove Chili Cook-off at the Upper Rogue Community Center on
Saturday, Feb. 28 at 5:30 p.m.
Who is the best? Will it be
last year’s winner, Washington Mutual (now Chase), Fire District No. 4
Support Group, the Greater Shady Cove Boosters or the town’s favorite
personality Lois Holland?
After losing the championship
last year to WaMu-Chase, it must be noted the fire district has now
switched from men to women to do the cooking.  The women, including
Betty Goodboe, are just as secretive about their recipe as the men were
last year. Cheryl Holthusen would not spill the beans. She played it
innocent and passed the buck to Linda Hughes who refused to even hint
about the Southern secret that makes her 38-year old recipe special.
When asked if she thinks the recipe will take top honors, Hughes
confidently stated, "Absolutely."
Philip Keith, preparing
chili for the Boosters, is not the former mayor’s husband for nothing.
He was very careful what he revealed. When he finally did open up he
let loose and said, "Boosters are tired of WaMu’s domination of the
event. We are aiming to take the crown this year." Keith is known far
and wide for his culinary expertise so he just may give his competitors
serious cause for concern.
Lois Holland has participated
in the chili cook-off for quite a few years. She seems to have a burr
under her saddle about what ingredients she will "just throw into the
pot this year." Holland said, "I would like to win but just competing
is part of the battle."
Will WaMu-Chase give challengers a
run for their money? When asked about her team’s chances of retaining
the crown, Manager Cindy McDonald laughed heartily with utter
confidence and said, "Let the best chili win!"
The public
is invited to determine the 2009 Chili Cook-off winner. Besides
sampling chili, a dessert auction is a highlight of the evening.
Donations of desserts are needed for the success of the event. This fun
activity supports local causes. The four participants divide door
receipts to cover expenses and proceeds from the dessert auction go to
the community center for the youth fund.
Tickets available
at the door are $5 per person or $11for a family. The community center
is at 22465 Highway 62 (behind city hall.) For more information call
By Margaret Bradburn
Of the Independent

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