Doctors offer free session on preventing colon cancer

Colon cancer is one of the most preventable cancers, yet it is the third most common cancer in Oregon and the second-leading cause of cancer-related fatality in the United States. Death caused by colon cancer is surpassed only by lung cancer. But despite its high incidence, colorectal cancer is one of the most detectable, and if found early enough, most treatable forms of cancer there is.

Then why is this preventable, detectable and treatable disease
commanding the number two slot for cancer related deaths? It is
believed that the greatest deterrent to preventing colorectal cancer,
or detecting in its stages, is the public’s embarrassment of the topic.
That’s why Oregon Advanced Imaging (OAI) and participating Rogue Valley
medical providers have organized a Colon Cancer community education
event on Mar. 5, from 6-8 p.m., at the Smullin Health Education Center,
in Medford.
Seven distinguished colon cancer specialists
will discuss the latest in screening and treatment options. The panel
represents the full continuum of care required for a cancer patient and
is comprised of a primary care physician, Dr. Eric W. Ring; a
gastroenterologist, Dr. John A. Walker; a radiation oncologist, Dr.
Eric T. Mullen; two surgeons, Dr. Juan M. Castillo and Mr. Wie-Peng
Kuo; and a nurse navigator, Melanie Dines, RN, MSN.
caliber and depth of specialists at one community event is unusual and
should be considered a clear message that colon cancer is an issue in
the Rogue Valley," said Jeanette McCartney, business manager for Oregon
Advanced Imagining. "These physicians represent medical practices from
all over the Rogue Valley. They have come together to help educate our
community and hopefully improve our local statistics."
cancer is an equal opportunity invader and affects both men and women
over the age of 50. The most common symptom of early colorectal cancer
is no symptom, that is why utilizing smart prevention and screening
techniques is so important.
The Colon Cancer community
education talk has been organized by OAI to coincide with National
Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Participating medical practices will
be offering free ACS colon cancer education kits throughout the month
of March. All materials have been donated by Oregon Advanced Imagining.

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