Lake Creek Historical plans events

Pioneer Hall in Lake Creek.

Pioneer Hall in Lake Creek.

Most are aware that all Jackson County Historical Societies have lost their funding. Until recently, Lake Creek was able to keep a full-time employee, thanks to an endowment. But funds are running low, so as of Jan. 30 the Lake Creek Historical Society became an all-volunteer society.

It will depend on community support and volunteers  to keep the Lake Creek Historical  Society open. Right now they are only open on Saturdays from 10-3 p.m. and if the hall is rented on that day, it will not be open to the public.

There are several ways that the society can earn some funds. Not necessarily in order, these include:

  • By being a member and one doesn’t have to be a Lake Creek resident to join. The need is to preserve history and Lake Creek has a long and strong role in the history of the Rogue Valley. Individual membership is $10, family $25, memorial $100 and lifetime $500. Or, simply make a donation. Memorial is a new category. A memorial board is being planned with individual small brass plates containing three lines from the donor.


  • Hall rental for weddings, anniversaries, meetings, birthdays.


  • Community cookbook. Nearly everyone has a family recipe. Call Marilyn at the Lake Creek Historical Society, 826-1513 or mail your recipe to Lake Creek Historical Society, 1739 SFLB Creek Rd., Eagle Point, OR 97524.


  • Upcoming events will include a monthly dinner with a guest speaker. The first one will be Wednesday, Mar. 25 at 5:30 p.m. It will be a spaghetti dinner. The guest speaker will be Watermaster Larry Menteer. He will talk about ponds and water rights. Donations will be welcome, of course.


  • A community barbeque is planned in June and in August there will be a benefit golf tournament.

The Lake Creek community wants and needs their historical society. They need community support in their cause. Memberships, donations, should be mailed to above address. For more information call 826-1513.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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