Local producer and museum team up to educate public on pioneer crafts

the cover of McKechnie's video on candlemaking.
the cover of McKechnie’s video on candlemaking.

The Upper Rogue Historical Society at the Trail Creek Tavern Museum, and Ralph McKechnie Productions announce release of their newest video, "Candle Making."  Prior titles included "Forest Legacy," a video showing how roof shakes began at the tree and made the journey to the pioneer cabin.  "Soap Making" demonstrates how pioneers used rendered fat from their fall butchering to make soap for the homestead.

The current title of "Candle Making," explains how pioneer and colonial
families made candles from tallow. The video is a look into those early
methods and a bit of a stroll down memory lane, as Alice Collier tells
some stories of early life in Oregon.
Alice demonstrates
"dipping" candles or tapers, using methods more than two centuries old
in this country.  Collier, a former school teacher, has a keen interest
in preserving the old ways to teach self-reliance, especially to
youngsters.  She has a special appreciation of the "old ways" and a
concern that too much is being lost.  And with that loss, is the loss
of a self-reliant society. 
More titles are expected in
future months, to help give modern days folks an idea what pioneer life
was like in the early days of the U. S.  During 2009,  Blacksmithing
and Food Preservation are planned topics for the series.
candlemaking video was filmed at the Trail Creek museum by Ralph
McKechnie and Wade Marshall, who frequently team up on such projects. 
Editing and production were handled by McKechnie.
30-minute video will be available beginning March 1 at the museum and
will retail for $20. The museum is located off Highway 62 and Highway

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